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Brown Rice

The Brown rice is particularly been a very valuable food. It has so many wonderful quality in it.


The ratio of rice to water is 1 to 1.1-1.2. The amount of water is 10 to 20% more than amount of rice.

You can cook brown rice in a regular rice cooker and also many other ways too, but I would like to show you how I cook them.















3 cups of short grain Brown rice

1/5 cup of other grain, or Azuki Bean.

(sometime reduce Brown rice to 2.5 cup and add another 1/2 cup of sticky rice)

4 cups of water

pinch of sea salt per cup of rice


I soak the above ingredients for over night, at least 6 to 8 hours.

By soaking this long, the grain prepare for the germination. In this stage the rice become much easier to digest.


1) Put soaked rice in a pot into pressure cooker.

2) Add sea salt.

3) Pour water around pot, inside of pressure cooker

4) Cover and put on a weight

5) Heat up high heat until weight of pressure cooker starts move or whistle.

6) Lower the heat and cook another 25 minutes.

7) Turn off heat and leave as it is or gently move the pressure cooker out of stove

8) Wait another 20 to 30 minutes.

9) Remove the rice pot out of pressure cooker, and transfer to another container. We use a regular rice cooker to keep it warm.


We sprinkle 1 to 1.5 tsp of Gomashio on top of our rice as condiment.  I posted some of variation of ingredients.


The Brown rice is particularly been a very valuable food. It has so many wonderful quality in it. In nutritional level, it has power pack with vitamin. You might consider brown rice is complex vitamin B supplement. B Vitamin is very good for brain, nervous system, and it is in Brown rice. So it is works very well as a natural B complex supplement. It has good fat, good protein and good amount of mineral. Depend of where it is grown, it has high amount of selenium. The Selenium is immune boosting mineral. Brown rice tonify the life energy. The fiber in Brown rice, slows down absorption of sugar to blood stream, therefor provides even-long-lasting energy supply. This effect prevents depression, and strengthen digestive system. The depression related to low blood sugar, and digestive system is always working, so it need steady energy supply. The brown rice is most balanced complex carbohydrate among any other grain, and most satisfying.

This one is with chickpea, taste and texture like chesnuts rice.