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What is Goma-shio?

It is a condiment and the mix of sesame seeds (preferably black one) and sea salt.



1 table spoons sea salt

9-13 table spoons Sesame seeds (preferably black)








I use it 1-2 tea spoons, daily.

Gomashio helps to neutralize acidity in the blood and relieve tiredness. Gomashio is traditionally known to strengthen the nervous system.



1 table spoon sea salt

9-13 table spoons Sesame seeds (preferably black)


1, Dry-roast the Sea Salt in stainless steel flying pan over medium heat, until color turns gray.

2, Place the hot salt in a Suribachi (grinding bowl), and grind them strongly with push-down motion until they become fine powder.


3, Roast seeds on medium heat. While roasting, stir seeds gently with a wooden paddle, for 5 to 10 minutes, until the seeds are easily crush-able when you pinched. When the seeds are beginning to pop a few times, then it is done. Don't over cook, it will become bitter taste.


4, While seeds are hot, add them to #2 the ground salt in the Suribachi. This time, grind them gently, and mix with salt. When you don't see the shape of seeds, then it is done.


5, Allow the Gomashio to cool off, and then transfer into airtight container.


Point: While grinding the seeds, do not put too much force. If you do, then they become oily, and they won't taste as good, and also they become old quickly. Please don't make too much at once, they will become old. So make the portion to be able to consume within half a month to a month long.




Regular person, 8 portion of seeds to 1 portion of salt.

Child and senior, 9 portion of seeds to 1 portion of salt.

Less 3 years old,

or older senior, 10 portion s of seeds to 1 portion of salt.


Reference with "Seishoku cooking book and Kushi's macrobiotic cook book".

***1, correction(01/30/2020), above ratio may be too salty in modern diet (above ratio was written back in the 70th), the ratio of black sesame seeds to sea salt is,  12-14 to 1 for regular person, and  16 to 1 for children and senior are more desirable.