Takaki Automotive Corp.
47 Breezehill Ave. N.
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Mon-Fri: 7:30AM to 5:30PM

Sat & Sun: Closed


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In an perfectly ideal world all our cars, vans, and trucks would only needed maintenance. But if maintenance is missed, climate changes, salt, common and uncommon failures a plethora of problems ranging from intermittent/random to ongoing chronic issues can occur. Electrical, mechanical, multiple, layered... as vehicles get more complicated so does finding the problems when they occur. Although sometimes the solution may be simple, finding and testing to find the problem can take the majority of the shop time. Bringing your vehicle to right technician is key - especially since a lot of money and time can be spent if a problem is misdiagnosed. We will always be clear in each step of our diagnostic process and explain, to the best of our abilities, why an option or step is recommended. In our industry with new technologies arising each year, we need to stay sharp and aware of these new vehicles, parts and tools to continue providing the best quality service. From various manufacturer specific classes to general theory, our technicians and apprentices attend after work, sometimes weekend, training courses. We strive to keep up-to-date by investing in training, acquiring the latest tools & equipment, and adding to our infinitely growing knowledge base through experience and research. Bottom line, all of this is done, in order to challenge any problem that we face and in some cases those that other shops and dealerships cannot tackle.