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Vegan Pizza

Vegan Mushroom and Leek Pizza,

Originally I got this recipe from Chris Jenkins at Kushi SC 2015 in Becket.
So I tried to make my own. Previously I made sourdough pizza dough and put it in the freezer.
Chris, did water saute carrots and Onions, but I modified to use coconuts oil instead. (I forgot use umeboshi vinegar.) When I tried to puree, it was too thick for my blender to work properly, so I add 1-1.5 cup of soy milk. This worked fine. I had cauliflower in fridge so I add them to the Mushroom and leeks. Heated up oven to 500 degree (F), then put dressed pizza in the oven. Chris told us to use PIZZA STONE. But I used the regular ceramic floor tile ( 10" X 16" ), this worked very well.
I wrote the some details in the pictures.
The next day, I reheated the left over pizza, it was surprisingly tastier.