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Sourdough Bread

This is sourdough bread making process. I tried and failed 2 times, because it did not rise at all. The 3rd time, it rise beautifully. After baked the bread, it was so nice and had good complement from a few friends. So I would like to share my experience and recipe. There is No Yeast in this bread, only by Fermentation.

A) Ingredients of sourdough starter;
150 gr. of organic whole wheat flour
150 gr. of water
B) Ingredients of sourdough bread

150 gr. of Sourdough Starter
250 gr. of white flour
250 gr. of organic whole wheat flour
375 gr. of water
5 gr. of sea salt

1) making sourdough starter. Mix 150gr of organic whole wheat flour  and 150 gr of water very  well.  Put into a jar. Leave it out (not in refrigerator) for 2-3 days. It will bubbles up and raise the volume. Then it becomes sourdough starter.
2) use 150 gr. of above sourdough starter mixed with 250 gr. of white flour, 250 gr. of organic whole wheat flour and 375 gr. of water.  Mixed very well and make it into a dough. Rest 30 minutes. Add 5 gr. of sea salt.  Mix again ( kneading) and rest (raise) 4 hours.
3) Knead again and shape it into ball, then put into a loaf pan. Rest (raise) 4 more hours.
4) by this time the bread should raise full in the loaf pan. Heat up oven to 375F, and bake it for an hour.  Voila! It is a beautiful sourdough bread.
This recipe is from Kushi's teacher Chris Jenkins.