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Salt Lemon Condiment

Salt Lemon Condiment is very useful. You can use it for any dish. (such as the part of salad dressing, for fish dish, for pasta,,,)

Boil the water, submerge the lemons for 30 seconds to wash off any unwanted waxing or any other chemicals. Cool them off with cold water. Wife them off dry. Cut lemon to tiny dice size. Mix with sea salt. The amount of salt is 10% of lemons weight. ( 2 lemons weigh 300 gram, so, the amount of salt is 30 gram=about 5 tea spoons). Put in the jar and shake well, then leave it in refrigerator. You can use it after 3 hours, but the longer you leave it is better taste. You should be able to keep more than a month. It is delicious and fragrant condiment.

** Please use sea salt, the natural sea salt has over 90 ingredients. There is a huge difference with the regular table salt. The sea salt is gentle to our body and has many important minerals. The amount of salt is mportant, if the less than 10%, then the juice of lemon may not fully comes out and it may not last longer.