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Salt Bath

Hydro therapy;
Fill up bath tab with warm water and add 1 to 2 pound of salt and a cup of Apple cider Vinegar. It will really relax you and strengthen kidney.
I learned this from Kushi's Macrobiotic teachers Melanie Waxman and David Briscoe. David told us that if you had to get up in middle of night to use wash room, that indicates weak kidney. If you put about 2 pounds of salt to bath, you will have a sound sleep till morning. It will strengthen kidney. You can use water-softener salt that you can by from regular store, it will cost $4 to $5 for 25 pound bag. Melanie said that the apple cider vinegar cleans the skin, sometime it will remove the skin tag, too.
I do this quite often. I did it last night, and I had very good sound sleep. This morning, I was ready to go.