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Rose Hip Oil ( Home made)


The Rose hips contain an oil called Rosa Mosqueta that is beneficial for the skin when you need to treat scars, eczema, burns, dry skin and wrinkles.  I tried to make Rose hip Oil. The followings are my steps to produce it.

I collected the ripen rose hips and trimmed them neatly.

Then washed and rinsed a few times.

Put them onto the trays on top of the paper towel. Dried them at outside under the Sun (to absorb Vitamin D) for a day.

Cut each of them vertical direction, put them in the slow cooker pot (preferably ceramic pot).

Poured the carrier oils ( I choose Almond Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil), so Rose hips would be cooked in the carrier oil.

Cooked in the slowest setting on my slow cooker (Bettey Crocker) for 3 hours, then switched to Keep-Warm for over-night (12 hours + ).

Cooled down, scoop them onto the strainer, and mash them with the grinding stick in the bowl. Then squeezed the remainder by using cheese cloth to extract Rose hip Essence.

I added the Vitamin E oil. I used Kirkland Vitamin E Soft Gel Capsules, pocked the holes and squeeze out the gel into the mixture. The Vitamin E serves as natural preservative and also benefit to your skins.

Need to keep cooler and dark place as a storage.

This article is interesting regarding with Rose hip oil and Rose hip seeds oil.

- Whole Rose Hip Oil -
The Whole Rose Hip oil is obtained by low temperature extraction of whole
Rose hip in extra virgin olive oil. Whole rose hip oil is different form rose hip
seed oil, which is obtained by liquid extraction of rose hip seeds. Rose hip seed
oil is excellent source of essential fatty acids but does not contain other
beneficial nutrients with potent antioxidant and restorative properties.
Whole Rose hip oil contains unique liposoluble carotenoids, flavonoids and other
liposoluble antioxidants beneficial for skin revitalizing processes as well as various
phytosterols and Rose hip essential fatty acids in easily absorbed stable form.
Whole Rose hip oil is believed to possess skin rejuvenating, revitalizing and
general health beneficial properties and have been used in cosmetic and herbal
medicines for centuries. The oil is all natural, free of synthetic or artificial