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Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

This 2009 Mitubishi Lancer GTS came in with large exhaust noise. The front pipe was broken off right after the Catalytic convertor. The car has less than 45,000 km on. Try to look for the replacement parts, but it is a long piece of pipe with Catalytic convertor. It is from right after the engine to all the way back to muffler. There is no aftermarket parts available on this model. The part is $1421.00. We examine the rest of pipe, the rest of pipe is in good condition. It will last for a long time. We have pipe expander and some pipes, so we made custom pipe for this. It was a little tricky to weld to Catalytic convertor. ( The catalytic converter was very clean and nothing wrong.) Weld back the O2 sensor wire bracket and put clamp to secure it.The whole repair cost around $200.00.