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Exhaust reapir and environmental impact.

2001 Volvo S40 Front exhaust pipe and environmental effect.


This car came in our shop with loud noise. The flex pipe at front of catalytic convertor was cracked, and leaking the exhaust fume. This flex portion is come with very expensive catalytic convertor and cost of the part is $780. So we out-source the flex pipe, cut out the bad section and weld it into original pipe. It was much cheaper cost and also more environmental friendly fix. As much as possible we like to keep a original catalytic convertor, because it is much better quality than a replacement one. Someone said that in order to make one catalytic convertor requires about 7 or 8 truck loads of earth you have to remove from ground and extract so call precious metals out of them. Can you imagine to save a catalytic convertor is much more effective way of saving our earth.