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Civic Exhaust crack

This Civic (97?) came in for Emission Test, it has over 200,000km on, but exhaust gas was .....








This Civic (97?) came in for Emission Test, it has over 215,000 km on, but exhaust gas was leaking and sound bad, so we advise customer to have exhaust repair before test. She made an appointment and the next day, she brought the Civic back. Hoisted up the vehicle, and found a few cracks at pipes before intermediate resonator. Normally you have to replace a whole pipe all the way to muffler. Upon examination, the rest of condition were still fair. We decided to replace the section (11-12 inches). Cut out the bad section, remove the hanger bracket from old pipe, prepared the new replacement pipe, enlarged the new pipe's diameter to fit over the existing pipe. Welded back the bracket to new pipe. Installed 2 exhaust clamps and welded the pipe to resonator. After repaired the exhaust, we performed the emission test, it past fine. It is a good old Honda. We recommended this customer that the CO reading was higher limit, so the fuel was not used efficiently. We advised that she should look into it if she would like to get a better fuel economy.