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Burdock Kinpira



Burdock root, Carrot, Lotus root,

1-2 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil or unrefined sesame oil

3-5 tbsp soy sauce

3-5 tbsp Japanese Sake













  • Burdock Kinpira

    Kinpira is a style of cooking which combines saute-ing and boiling and is used mainly with root vegetables.

    This kinpira dish will give you vitality and strong energy and strengthen digestive system. The burdock strengthens the lower part of body (waist down, waist, knee, ankle, etc) and lower part of organs. The fiber in the burdock is believed to help remove cancer causing materials out of our bodies and also has a diuretic effect too.

    Lotus root has property to help lung and big intestine health.


  • 1) Wash burdock gentry, not to remove the skin, just rinse off the soil.

    1. 2) Cut burdock and carrot to match-stick style.

    2. 3) Cut lotus root to dice cut, do not peel the skin.

      4) Heat up a pan/pot to medium, put 1-2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil or unrefined sesame oil

      5) Put burdock into pan then gently stir them.

      6) Put cover on, lower the heat and cook 6 – 7 minutes. This process will sweeten the burdock.

      7) Sweet aroma will rise when you remove the cover. Add rest of ingredients, gentry stir and add sake and cover it again to cook another 3 more minutes.

      8) Raise to medium heat, pour 3-5 tbsp soy sauce near the around edge of pan. Stir gentry until no more fluid remained.

      9) Transfer into the dish, then sprinkle grated sesame seeds.