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Almond Milk & Cookies

Here is how I make my own Almond Milk  And Cookies

1) soak 1.5~2 cups almond for over night.
2) Wash them well
3) add 6~7 cups of water, 1 tbsp. Brown rice syrup, 1 tbsp. Vanilla extract
4) add a cup of ice to cool off.
5) Blend them in high speed for 90 seconds.
6) Strain with fine mesh, then pour into jars or bottles.(Almond milk)
7) The remainder, mix with Chia seeds, Ground Flax seeds, rolled oats and add 1 tbsp of turbinado sugar.
8) Scoop with small spoon and put on the parchment paper, poke hole in the middle, put a blue berry in each cookie.
9) Bake the 350 degree F, for 30~40 minutes.