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5 Toe Socks

5 toe-socks
I strongly recommend 5 toe-socks everyday. I think most people know about the pressure points, shiatsu, reflexology and meridians.
Each toe is connected to an organ or internal body parts by this meridian. I took a picture of my foot and illustrated on it to show these relationships.
My brother in Japan gave me a few pairs of 5 toe-socks about 4 years ago. Instantly, I liked them, so I wore them all the time. Then, after 3-4 days later, my toes were hurting. When I looked at them, there were tears between the toes and I was bleeding. I started to alternately wear regular socks and 5 toe-socks. After a few weeks later I was able to wear them all the time and does not hurt anymore. After a while, I realized that the 5 toe-socks gave so more sensation in my toes. The toes are related all the organs in our body. By wearing this, every time you walk or move, the socks massage your toes continuously. It is very healthy way to condition your Parasympathetic nervous system. Just like you are having your toes massaged. I even have 4 toes-shoes too.

There is also 4,5 toes shoes too.