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2010 Lexus Rx350, $200 Vs $2000 repair cost

This Lexus RX350 came in the shop for brake lights repair. This is 2010, it has driven 59,000 km. According with the customer, this repair is not covered by manufacturer's warranty and he was told that it would cost $1000.00 each side to fix the brake light problem.
The symptom was both rear brake lights were not working but the center brake light was working. I studied the wiring diagram and I got some idea where I could modify the wiring if it were needed. We started to remove the left rear inner quarter panel to locate the junction connector. A Technician noticed the broken wire near left tale lamp assemble. We removed the both tail lamps, examined closely, and discovered  the manufacture wiring were too short and too tight. It was a two wire connector, and one of the wire is torn off. This same thing happened on both side lamps. I cut out regular safety pins needle, poked inside of the broken connector socket, solder this pin onto the socket connector leg and the wire on this extended pin rod. So I made an extension wire by using pin. Taped them securely, reinstalled the lamps, all were working. Repair bill came up $241.82 tax included.