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Safety Certificate 2001 Toyota Prius

A newer customer had come in to have an safety inspection done on a 2001 Prius. The inspection passed and it felt like the owner took good care of the car. The owner had found a buyer who, before buying the car, wanted the Toyota dealership to re-inspect the safety (about a month and 1000km after our inspection). After the Toyota inspection the owner was told that there are suspension issues that need to be done before a safety can be issued (approximately over $700 estimated). It was brought to our attention and we immediately granted a re-inspection (since our safety should still be valid). Upon re-inspection we found no serious nor immediate safety concerns with the suspension. After reassuring the owner that the car should still pass safety the owner and I eventually took the matter to the ministry of transportation officers. Safety checks and laws are pretty straight forward and its always nice when obvious problems are found – but when problem or discrepancies occur, the system relies on the inspectors best judgment of the issue and interpretation of the guidelines. In the end, the officer listened to both sides and eventually the Toyota service department overturned their judgment and provided their safety certificate. The owner was pleased and very happy.