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Comprehensive inspection 2008 Honda Civic

A regular client of ours decided it was time to replace their car and was looking at a used 2008 Honda Civic (with about 59000km on the odometer) from a Honda dealership. Before going any further, the purpose of this is to highlight the importance of a comprehensive inspection and not to put anyone down. When doing these used car inspections we try our best to assess the cars current status and if there are any problems beyond a safety “certified” vehicle. After checking the car out, there were no obvious problems. The car was very clean and running well. Before finishing we checked the oil and found that it was somewhat milky and light coloured. We mentioned that the car was all good save for the oil quality concern and that she should bring it up with the dealership. The next day the dealership contacted our client to tell them that a new engine will be installed on the car now after our findings. (Apparently a few of these engines have an issue which is still covered under a manufactures extended warranty). Needless to say our customer was happy and very glad they did the inspection. Some my not realize this but for example a V6 (6-cylinder) car can still pass a safety with a dead cylinder. A safety only covers the safety related items such as brakes, lights, windshield, suspension, exhaust, seat belts... etc. A safety does not cover performance, minor fluid (power steering, clutch, transmission, engine, gear oil) leaks, wear and tear, and other non safety issues.