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Unlock your car with cell phone

Unlock your car with cell phone.


***** Apology*****

I re-tested this function, it did not work this time. It worked very well on the other day. I will look into it more and I will post the result. Sorry for confusion.

***** Update *****

Employee Doug tried this with a friend who's mother was in another city and it worked!


Old post;

Let's say you lock your car at shopping center and the car key is in the car, you are locked out.

"What will you do?"

If your car has equipped with remote control and your spouse or your family has another set of your remote device, then you are in luck. Only you need to do is call that person who has the remote, and ask he or her to click the remote while you are on the phone. You have to stand close to your locked car, then your car will unlock. I think the frequency of signal can carry through the phone and activate the door lock receiver. I tried this to my car and it worked well like magic. I hope this will help when you ever get in this situation.